Weird Science — The Story!

Weird Science is all about two high school students, Gary (John Mallory Asher) and Wyatt (Michael Manasseri), who decide one night, after Gary is inspired by the movie Frankenstein, to create a woman to teach them about women -- not a video game girl, but real live babe-age!  Saying, that they could use Wyatt's home computer to do it. At first, Wyatt thought Gary was crazy, and said that its just a computer - not virtual reality, you can't kiss it. However, Gary kept saying over and over that they could do it, using his computer, so they got to work. First writing the program that would inevitably create the magical woman, and then scanning hundreds of pictures and bits and pieces of things in to make the woman exactly the way they want. The computer runs out of power and so Gary yells, "More Power!!" and all of a sudden a lighting bolt just happened to strike Wyatt's house that night and sent enough power to the computer to actually create the woman of their dreams! With the looks of a covergirl, the brains of Einstein and the magic of a genie, Lisa (Vanessa Angel) forced Gary and Wyatt to do what they always dreamed about doing, but never had courage to do. They eventually learn to stand up for themselves against Wyatt's older brother, Chett (Lee Tergesen), who is always calling Wyatt names and picking on him, and up against all the troubles of High School. Throughout the series they have many amazing adventures which take them back in time, into the future, to outer space, and even inside Wyatt's older brother, Chett! With a total of 88 totally hilarious episodes, the great story lines, the hilarious performances from the cast, "Weird Science" is one of the best shows made for television I have ever seen, and probably will ever see!


Michael & John Asher Vanessa, Wyatt, & Gary Vaness Angel as Lisa

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