Weird Science: Meet the Cast


The Character

Wyatt Donnelly

Wyatt with a chain sawWyatt Donnelly actually has two sides. One side (which is the side that shows up to other people) is a very sensitive, frail, brilliant, and completely uncomfortable in social situations. When ever he is around girls he doesn't know what to say, or how to act, and gets "weak-knead" in the face of a crises.

Wyatt playing the guitarOn the other hand, the other side to him is a true "romantic" with deep love for all things artistic - (music, poetry, the under-world, etc.), as well as for computers and the Internet. In fact, "he can even install a new motherboard as fast as he can analyze an acoustic piano".

Taking Gary's advise to make a woman on his computer he will eventually learn how to enjoy life better -- such as going out on dates, how to have fun at parties, and how to cope with himself when faced with a crises.

The Actor

Michael Manasseri

Information to come...


Note: Photographs were taken from the now defunct "Official" website – located at: The website now directs to information about the DVD release of the popular 80's movie of the same name.

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