Weird Science: Meet the Cast


The Character


Lisa Modeling OffLisa is an example of a typical teenage boys dream girl, given the power to create the girl of their dreams. Okay, so how did Lisa come to be? Well– one night two teenage boys named Gary & Wyatt got a crazy idea to create a girl on the computer. Gary came up with the idea and at first Wyatt thought Gary was totally crazy, like out the galaxy nuts. However, they both got to work anyway — designing the computer program that would create their girl, entering the information about how they want her to be in to the computer, scan a bunch of photographs in (hot girls in bikinis, encyclopedias... then all of a sudden their PC starts running wild like it's crying out for power. Gary yells out "More power!" and what do you know, a freak lightning storm occurs and strikes their house which gives the computer a power surge (enough power needed to create the girl).

Lisa GlowingEverything is going completely crazy now. The house is becoming a complete mess (the kitchen stove exploding, the washer exploding, etc.). Then all of a sudden everything stops! The girl appears right before their eyes, then disappears again, then after a few seconds reappears. Modeling her body off in a mirror– she takes her first words—"So this is what you condsider a dream-babe?".

Eventually the boys find out that she has the ability to do magic. She can go anywhere, get anything, do anything. Lisa being re-createdImagine the possibilities that could happen with a computer genie cabable of doing just about anything. You could go anywhere — back in the past, into the future, to outer space, go inside your brother, you get the idea. By the way, think I was just making those up? They are actually places the three of them end up going to on their many adventures.

Before they can go any further, she needs a name. Gary decides to name her 'Lisa' because his former girlfriend was named Lisa — which is how she got the name. Gary and Wyatt are now about to have the adventure of a lifetime!

The Actress

Vanessa Angel

Information to come...


Note: Photographs were taken from the now defunct "Official" website – located at: The website now directs to information about the DVD release of the popular 80's movie of the same name.

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