Weird Science: Meet the Cast


The Character

Gary Wallace

Gary with a gapping big hole in his bellyFrom a very early age, Gary found himself pretty much alone in the world until the one day he met his new best-friend, Wyatt Donnelly. From that day on they became best friends. What made them become friends? Well, as it turns out they both had one common interest together that allowed them to talk to each other about — they both liked the same tv show — "The Sci-Fi Zone". In fact, they liked that show so much that they never missed a Zone-A-Thon.

As time goes by and they grew closer friends, Gary soon realized just how much more he liked Wyatt's family better than his own. This was due partly because Wyatt's parents were kind, but mainly because they were never home. Thus, Wyatt's bedroom became their main "hang out" where the two of them could go get away from the day-to-day pressures of high school life. Well, that and to play with Wyatt's many expensive toys!

Gary with Lisa popping out his earGary may not be smart, or be cool, but there is one thing he does know how to do very well, and that is partying (or just simply how to have fun). He'll even skip studying for a Biology Final just to go to the biggest party of the year – Mardi Gras –.

Gary is also the other reason why Lisa was created. Wyatt never would have thought of the idea to create a magical woman on his computer, however, Gary on the other hand comes up with all sorts of wild-n-crazy ideas. One night while the two of them are alone in Wyatt's bedroom while watching the cult movie "Bride of Frankenstien" on TV that night he suddenyly got the idea to create a woman to teach them all they wanted to know about women. Without Gary, Wyatt most likely never would have learned how to have fun, and Lisa never would have been created.

The Actor

John Mallory Asher

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Note: Photographs were taken from the now defunct "Official" website – located at: The website now directs to information about the DVD release of the popular 80's movie of the same name.

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