Weird Science: Meet the Cast


The Character

Lee Tergesen / Chet

Chester P. Donnelly

"Wyatt's brother. Big brother. Big mean brother. Big mean psychotic brother. Big mean psychotic brother with an extensive weapons collection. — you get the idea." 1

Chett with a Butt hat onChett was the Donnelly's first born. When Wyatt was born he was given Chett's room which is probably what started him to be so mean to poor Wyatt by calling him names, and doing all the nasty pranks and jokes he does to him.

Like his brother, Chett also went to Farber High but was kicked out after three years for trying to pull some crazy stunts on Assistant Principal Scampi and other students. In fact, to this day, his #1 enemy is Assistant Principal Scampi (now Principal Scampi) all because he was always there to catch Chett in the act. For punishment of all Chett's actions pulled while he was in school he was sent to Westmount Millitary Acedamy which is a military school that trains students in military tactics. The school must have really influenced him a lot, because when his term was over he a hard-core military man. Serious Chett After he got out of the Military school, he went into the Marines for a couple of years. However, he turned down his commision to come back home. Why would he turn down his commision? No one knows... might because ther just weren't any wars going on at the time, or possibly some other reason....

Chett is always on the lookout for a good fight on his hands, which usually always involves Wyatt in one way or another. Through out the series, Chett has some very big battles to fight, does some really mean and rotten things to Wyatt and also eventually learns all about Lisa.

The Actor

Lee Tergsen

Information to come...


1 — Taken from the now defunct "Official" website — Used without permission.

Note: Photographs were taken from the now defunct "Official" website – located at: The website now directs to information about the DVD release of the popular 80's movie of the same name.

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