Weird Science: F.A.Q.


Question: When did the series air?

Weird Science aired from March 5, 1994 through April 11, 1997 on USA Network. However, there were still six (6) unseen episodes which never aired on USA. These episodes were aired on The Sci-Fi Channel from July 11, 1998 to July 25, 1998.

Question: How many episodes are there in all?

There are a total of 88 episodes lasting 5 seasons. USA Network aired 82 of the episodes, and The Sci-Fi Channel aired the final 6 episodes.

Question: How can I obtain episodes on tape/dvd?

You may purchase a copy of the Season 1 and 2 DVD Release by New Video a while back available from Unfortunately, they did not release Seasons 3 - 5 on DVD so the only way of watching many of these episodes would be to watch them online from

Question: Why did you decide to make a website completely devoted to "Weird Science"?

I started "WeirdScience.Net!" simply because "Weird Science" is my number one all-time favorite show —and I believe it will always remain my number one all-time favorite show, although others may come a very close second. As the website did not have much of a web presence besides the now defunct "official" website, I simply wanted to give it, or attempt to give it the kind of "web presence" it deserves.


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