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Season 6, Episode 17:
"It's a Magical Winter Wonderland"

"You make man…"
"No, Woman."

Gary and Wyatt look at each other as the Weird Science song starts, showing the following scenes (note- 'S6!' means a new scene from season 6):

-The keyboard 'Enter' button is pressed
-Weird Science logo
-Lightning strikes the house
-Lisa created
-View of Lisa, moving up
-Gary and Wyatt travel through the dream gate
-Bazooka boys forming
-Catwoman Lisa
-Gary's poet within is zapped out right next to him
-With Lisa, Gary, and Wyatt in the background, Chett does the disco dance of innocence and his arm flies off
-Lisa blows magic kiss to Wyatt

Michael Manasseri clips
-Old West Wyatt gets pulled through the time warp
-(S6!) Falls down into an island lagoon
-Turns into nightmare id monster
-Head gets pulled off
-(S6!) In pajamas, with wet hair, gets zapped by Lisa into day clothes and dry hair

John Mallory Asher clips
-(S6!) Swings a frustrated fist in a black and white scene
-(S6!) About to bite an apple as it gets zapped into a remote control
-Lisa's finger touches his head, zapping him a super large brain
-Beams down inside Farber High with Tetrahydrozaline

Lee Tergeson clips
-Playing the piano on Groundhog Day
-Buccaneer hat placed on his head zaps him into the Pirate King
-Fighting Principal Scampi as the room flashes with yellow electricity
-(S6!) As suited Principal, gets face slapped
-Jumps down from ceiling as secret agent wearing black outfit

Vanessa Angel clips
-(S6!) Wearing a Scooby Doo T-shirt on a tropical island, zaps up a compass in her hand
-Carefully enters a dark cave, carrying a 'light saber' glowing stick
-Tiger on grave morphs into Lisa wearing a tiger-print dress
-Wearing glasses and suit disguised as a school teacher
-Large grinning close-up

- Gary and Wyatt in tuxedoes rocket up wearing jetpacks - Lisa, Gary, Wyatt, and Chett are all wearing earphones, singing around a microphone - (S6!) Lisa with her arms around Gary and Wyatt, zaps them and all 3 disappear - Black & white Dr. Frankenstein "She's alive! Alive!"


Fades in to the Donnelly residence, morning sunrise shot.

It's a Magical Winter Wonderland

Cut to Wyatt's bedroom where Wyatt is getting ready for school as Gary comes over ready for school as well.

Gary: Oh yeah, last day before Christmas break - 2 full weeks off with no school!

Wyatt: Okay, guess I'm ready.  Better just call Lisa up to check on her and tell her our plans for break...

Gary: Yeah, just what are we doing this year, Wy?  How 'bout Hawaii?

Wyatt calls up Lisa from the computer. Lisa instantly zaps in in a big blue lightning bolt flash wearing a Hawaiian getup.

Story by

Lisa: What took ya guys so long?

Wyatt: What do you mean, Lis? We just got up and are getting ready for school.

Lisa: Oh, thought we were going down to Hawaii for Christmas break. By the way, what is Christmas?

Gary: You don't know what Christmas is, Lis?

Lisa:   I don't recall you guys ever explaining it to me.

Wyatt: She's right Gary. We never did explain holidays to her. We'll start right after school. Now we better get going or we'll be late.

Lisa: Wait! What am I susposed to do while you guys are gone? Crawl back in my computer? I don't think so!

Wyatt: (turning on the television) Here, you can watch some holiday specials on TV while we're at school. Here we go... Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer is on Fox/Family Channel. You'll enjoy this, Lis.

Lisa: Oh okay!  Have fun at school.

Teleplay by
Bunny & WeirdScience.Net!

Wyatt and Gary leave for school as Lisa stays in Wyatt's room lying on Wyatt's bed watching TV.

They hear someone calling them from downstairs just as they are about to head out for school.

Chett: Yo - Pitt-Lick! Hurry up, will ya! We're gonna be late.

Wyatt: Comin' Chett.

Wyatt and Gary go meet Chett by the front door allready to leave for school.

Gary: Why's Gossalyn here, Chett? You baby-sitting her today?

Chett: In the matter of fact, yes, yes I am. She's going to school with us today.

Gossalyn: Yeah, I'm gonna be Assistant Principal for the day. Isn't that right, Chett?

Chett: That's right, hon. Ass-sistant Principal.

Gary starts to chuckle.

Wyatt: CHETT! I'm shocked! That's your sister - not Scampi!

Chett: What?! I can't call the Assistant Principal.... Ass-sistant Principal anymore? Now, c'mon -- we're gonna be late.

They all leave driving off together in Chett's jeep for Farber High.

Cut to Wyatt's room showing Lisa still watching TV.

Lisa: (quietly to herself) Oh, those meanies! How can they just abondon poor little Rudolph in the middle of that blizzard. Such a cute little thing. (continues watching as she starts thinking to herself...)  Hmm... wish I could give some help -- hold on a sec. why can't I?! (Looks around the room, smiling, as she's getting an idea...)

Lisa's fingers start to glow big-time with blue-electricity and whamo a big blast of blue electricity explodes filling up the whole room and blue lightning strikes outside as the screen starts fading out for the episode's first commercial break.


Screen fades in as Lisa, Gary, and Wyatt are zapped to a extreme snow covered place similar to the North Pole.

Wyatt: Lisa, Where are we?

Gary: Yeah, and why is so cold?

Lisa: Welcome to the North Pole, guys! Now, let's go find Rudolph. He's so cute!

Wyatt: The North Pole. What? Are you nutz! We'll freeze up here!

Lisa: Oh lighten up guys. You won't freeze. Here, I'll zap us some Santa suits.

Lisa waves her hand and all 3 of them are inculped in a big blast of blue electricity. The blast fades away to reveal Lisa in a "ladies-style" Santa outfit with Gary and Wyatt in Elve's outfits.

Gary: Hey! Why do you get to be Santa?

Lisa: Because I'm the genie... now let's go!

Fades out to black and then slowly fades back in with the message, "A few hours later..." appearing on screen.

Lisa: (softly, despondantly) Rudolph? (slumps down on a rock) Well, this bites! I'm cold, we're lost, and there's no sign of Rudolph anywhere!

Wyatt: (places his hands on her shoulders & speaks gently)Lis, it's okay..

Gary: It is?

Wyatt shoots him a "look".

Gary: Oh, oh, right! It is!

Wyatt rolls his eyes.

Lisa: S'ok, guys...

Suddenly, from behind them was a soft red glow...

Rudolph: Why are you so sad?

Lisa: (turning around) Rudolph!

Rudolph: (happily) Yup... are you headed to Santa's?

Lisa: I thought you were laughed out of the North Pole?

Wyatt: Uh, why is there an elf asleep on your back?

Rudolph: Oh, that's Hermie... he's sick... I gotta get him back home...

Suddenly, a snowman popped up in front of them.

Snowman: (adjusts his banjo & starts speaking in narrative) And, go they did. But, little did they know---

Gary: (taps his shoulder) Who're you talking to?

Snowman: Huh? Oh...

Lisa: (snaps her fingers) Hey! He's the guy who always knew everything in the movie!

Wyatt: (enthused) Yeah, and he sang my favorite Christmas song of all time!

Snowman:   Are you folks in need of a guide to Christmas-Town? Just follow me and I'll play us there...

They fall in behind him, as he strums his banjo and sings...

Snowman: Have a holly, jolly, Christmas! It's the best time of the year! Say "hello" to friends you know, and have a cup of cheer...

Screen flashes with "3 miles later..."

Snowman: Oh, by golly, have a holly, jolly Christmas, this year!

Lisa: Doesn't he know any other songs???

Wyatt: (shrugs) Guess it's his favorite; always was mine...

Gary: Wy, he sang it 432 times in a row!

Lisa: (chiming in) We counted.

Suddenly, they stopped.

Snowman: Here we are, folks... Santa's workshop... You wanna hear one more song?

Wyatt: (happily) Sure!

Gary & Lisa: (at the same time) No!

Lisa: (quickly) Uh... we really have to get poor sick, uh... uh...

Hermie: (weakly)Hermie.

Lisa: Yeah, Hermie, inside...

Before anyone can say another word, Lisa & Gary grab Wyatt and drag him inside...

Wyatt: Man... this place sure looks emptier than I'd've pictured it for this time of year...

Santa: (coming in) That's because you made us all sick! (starts with a hacking cough)

Lisa: WHAT?!

Santa: When you came here, you forgot that my part of the North Pole is magical... You caused a rip, causing me and all the elves to get the flu!

Lisa: (makes a face) Oops!

Gary: "Oops"?!

Lisa: Well, sorree! I didn't mean to, guys... I was just tryin' to help poor Rudolph!

Wyatt: (sympathetically) Is there somethin' we can do to help?

Santa: Why, yes... There is something...

Lisa: (apologetically) Name it!

Santa: All the toys for the girls and boys are backed-up because of the sickness; if you could make and deliver the toys---

Lisa: Sure! (Naively) Hey how hard can it be?

Santa: (a funny glint in his eye, hands Wyatt a rolled-up list) Great! Here's the list;  start from the top...

Coughing heavily again, he makes his way to the back, followed by Hermie...

Wyatt: Eh, doesn't look like so much---

He stops as he shakes out the list, and it rolls out the length of the room!

They all get despondant looks on their faces, but then decide they'd better just get to work! They start working to the tune of "Jingle-Bell Rock".Rushing around, playing with Rudolph, sometimes working, having a paint
fight... After the song is over...

Rudolph: Uh, you really have a lot left to do...

Lisa: (groans) He's right; we haven't done half yet!

Wyatt: (logically) Lis, just zap it, huh?

Lisa: (smacks her forehead with her palm) Hello! Why didn't I do that before?!

Readying her fingers, and getting a smug look on her face, she zapped the whole room in a blue- lightening-bolt, setting all the toys right, making them fly onto the sleigh. Just then, Santa comes in...

Santa: (shuffling in) Very good! You'll be ready to deliver them tonight!

Wyatt: Aren't you better yet?

Santa: (affects a cough) NO!

Wyatt: Okay, okay... we'll go... Uh, will we be back in time for our families' Christmas?

Santa: (offhandedly) You've got plenty of time; just don't dawdle!

Lisa: (petting Rudolph affectionately) Ready Rudolph?

Rudolph: Oh yeah!

Lisa: Good. You're the lead!

Rudolph: Yay!

Trotting over to the sleigh, he knocks the reigndeer currently in the front out of the way, and takes his place. Lisa, Wyatt, and Gary hop onto the sleigh...

Lisa: (grabs the reigns) Let's hit it!

As the jingling of bells is heard, they pull off into the night sky!

Lisa: (suddenly) Killer! 8-tracks!

Gary: What's your deal with those things?

Lisa: Get some taste, Gar! What should I put in?

Wyatt: (shrugs) Somethin' Christmassy?

Lisa grabs a tape, and shoves it in. It is "All I Want For Christmas is You". Throughout the song, Lisa and the boys are stopping on roofs, dropping presents down chimnies...

Lisa: Allright, piece of cake - made it to house numeral uno. Now, who wants to play Santa and shove the presents down the chimney?

Wyatt: You do it, Lis.

Lisa: Ah.. you're too kind.... too kind. (dressed as Santa she gets out with her bag of toys and walks over to the chimney) Okay, now how do you work the magic? (All fo a sudden she is magically lifted and squashed down the chimney.)   Okay, I'm down... now to open this bag up and pull out some toys. Hmm... a Skateboard Sally doll, a Dreamcast system... wow! that looks fun!... okay that's all of 'em now let's get out of here. (Heads back to the chimney and is magically lifted back up.)

Wyatt: So how was it, Lis?

Lisa: Let's just say that you can do the next one....

They take off heading for the next house.

Wyatt: Okay. Sure! But, don't I need a Santa suit, though?

Lisa: Oh yeah! Here! (zaps him into one)

Wyatt: Okay, this shouldn't be so bad. Ho-ho-ho. This is so cool! (walks over to the chimney and like Lisa was, is magically lifted up and squashed down the chimney)

Flash to Wyatt coming back up.

Wyatt: Oh man! That was weird.

Lisa: Didn't you get an icky feeling in your stomach when you were squashed down there?

Wyatt: Yeah, I guess. Okay, you can be Santa again.

Lisa: I don't think so. You're Santa now, Wyatt.

Wyatt: Hey -!

Screen fades out for the episode's second commercial break.


Wyatt: Ah.. finally... the last house! (gets out and walks over to the chimney) Hey! This one doesn't have a chimney! How are we susposed to get the presents down there without one?

Lisa: What? No chimney?! Well... there's gotta be a drain-pipe or something that you can go down, Wy.

Wyatt: You mean go down that thing? I've got a better idea. Why don't you just zap the gifts down there and then we can get on our way?

Lisa: Yeah, guess I could. (points her finger, glowing with blue electricity, and zaps the rest of the gifts left in the bag down below under the Christmas tree inside)

Gary: Hey, uh. Lis,  couldn't you have just done that for all the houses?

Wyatt immediately gives a Lisa a "disgusted" look.

Lisa: Hey, don't blame me -- you could have suggested that a lot sooner.

They fly back right over Farber on their way back to the North Pole.

Lisa: Ya know, it's such a shame we can't have a white Christmas ourselves.

Wyatt: Yeah... be nice to make snow-angels...

Lisa: You guys thinkin' what I'm thinkin'?

Gary: (makes a face) Unlikely. I was thinkin' how far you could spit off this baby!

Lisa: No! Let's make it snow!

Wyatt:   Um.. I don't think that's a good idea.

Lisa and Gary looking at him with "huh!" expressions on their faces.

Wyatt: ...making it snow where its not susposed could screw up the whole ecological weather patterns.  Look, it's just not a good idea, okay?

Lisa: Jeeze, Wyatt. It's just a little snow. (zaps the clouds causing them to start a snow storm over Farber County)

Flash to the Donnelly house.

Gossalyn: Chett! Chett! Come quick! You're never gonna believe this... but it's snowing out!

Chett: Um..  it can't be, hon. We don't get snow here.

Chett walks toward the front door where Gossalyn is and as soon as he sees that it really is snowing he faints and falls right over backwards on the hallway floor.

Flash to Farber High with Scampi looking at Chett's office window.

Scampi: Well, I'll be..... it's actually snowing here in Farber! Must be that computer genie..... Lisa, again!

GossalynFlash to Farber County Park where lots of kids and parents are gathering to play in the snow.

TV Reporter: Dubbed "Whitegate," this surprise snow storm hitting the county has ecologists and local weatherman dumbfounded as they try and figure out where this snow is all coming from. How can the weather change so fast and  go from 85 degree and Sun to SNOW and no drop in temperature?!  In addition, why isn't this snow melting right away? Something very weird is going on here folks -- I think we have a genie in our mists here!

Flash to the Wallace residence where Al Wallace is watching the news on TV.

Al: A genie?!

Flash back to Farber High as Scampi is still looking out the window at the snow coming down.

Scampi: Now where are you, Lisa? I know you're up there somewhere. (Keeps looking up in the sky - through the window - and catches a glimps of the sleigh flying across the night sky.) Way to go, Lisa!

Flash to the sleigh with Lisa, Wyatt, and Gary by zooming in (from the view from Scampi's window) moving through the night sky getting closer and closer to the sleigh showing it getting bigger and bigger until you can see Lisa, Gary, and Wyatt sitting in it flying by.

Lisa: (calling out on the megaphone) "Merry Christmas to one and to All a good-night!"

They fly off across the moon and then back towards the camera once more showing us a nice close-up of Lisa, Gary and Wyatt all smiling and waving with Lisa and Wyatt in front and Gary in the back seat).

Lisa: (waving to the camera) Happy Holidays from all of us at Weird Science!

Wyatt: ...and a Happy Y2K, too!

Picture freezes on the sleigh and zooms out a little followed by a Christmas Wreath appearing around them with the words... "Happy Holidays!" appearing at the bottom of the wreath. After a a few seconds, the picture fades out to black for the episode's final commercial break.


Fades back in to the Donnelly house. Outside shot and then moving in to the Livingroom with Wyatt, Gary and Lisa all sitting on the sofa talking about the adventure. Chett comes walking in.

Chett: Okay, How did you make it snow?

Lisa: Huh?

Wyatt: What you talkin' 'bout, Chett. She never made it snow - she can't do that.

Chett: Oh, don't get dumb on me.. I saw the snow -- and it doesn't snow in California without some genie hudu.

Wyatt: Well, things change...

Gary: Yeah, you know the weather -- it's always changing and doing weird things in different places

Chett: Well, because of you or Mother Nature I fainted and now I have a huge bump on the back of my head.

Lisa: Ouch! Sorry Chett.

Chett leaves.

Wyatt and Gary both look at Lisa (sitting the middle of them) and start laughing

Gary: That was sweet!

Lisa: Yeah I can't believe he bought it!

Wyatt: We're good.

Gary: So good.

Fades out for the closing credits being shown normally.


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