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Season 6, Episode 2:
"The Day After - (Part 2 of 3)"

Vanessa Angel's voice-over:  Last week, on Weird Science...

Fast Weird Science music is playing, like at the end of the episode 'Strange Daze', while the following recap is shown.

Wyatt: (In his room, in his pajamas) Maybe I just miss Gary. (Looking excited) Hey Lis, could we zap over there during recess and surprise them?

Lisa: I don't think my magic can make it all the way to planet Nevarus-4.

Wyatt: Aren't they on Nevarus-3?

Lisa: 3, 4; like the number makes a difference!

Chett: (Dressed in a suit at the Farber steps, yelling) Hero! Right here! The guy who defeated the aliens!

Reporter #1: What about reports of a magic genie?

Reporter #2: Is the genie still here?

Wyatt: (Ducked behind a bush) They're starting to ask questions.

Lisa: We've gotta lay low for a while.

Wyatt: What about that wish about the island with the models?

Lisa zaps them and they both disappear.

Chett: (Speaks slowly) I am the hero of the in-va-sion!

Wyatt: (On a tropical island with Lisa) This place looks familiar. Oh Lisa, am I now the richest man in the world?

Lisa: Yuppers!

Wyatt: (Takes out a pad from his pocket) Checks?

Lisa: 'Richest Man' checks!

Counter-Boy: (At an Orange Julius on the island) Another 'Richest Man' check? How many of you are there?

Wyatt: Another guy is using the same checks?

Chett: (In his office with Guardian Scampi) The media's knockin on my door while Pit-lick is gallivanting with my-dream-of genie!

Scampi: They're nowhere on school grounds. A principal-turned-guardian's sensory powers are limited to the grounds which he had once schooled upon.

Chett: So your saying your powers bite?

(At the lagoon, Lisa zaps up a flat cylindrical object in her right palm)

Wyatt: A compass?

Lisa: A 'Richest Man' compass! It'll point us to the source…

Wyatt: Waaaaa…(falls in the lagoon )

Lisa: (Lisa emerges from the trees into a clearing followed by Wyatt) Up ahead to those chairs.

Wyatt: There he is. (Calls to a figure sitting on a lounge chair, facing away from them) Hey you, Mister Richest Man!

The figure gets up and turns around.

Gary: Finally! Would you 2 mind explaining what's going on?!!

Fast music ends and recap fades out to black.

"You make man…"
"No, Woman."

Gary and Wyatt look at each other as the Weird Science song starts, showing the following scenes (note- 'S6!' means a new scene from season 6):

-The keyboard 'Enter' button is pressed
-Weird Science logo
-Lightning strikes the house
-Lisa created
-View of Lisa, moving up
-Gary and Wyatt travel through the dream gate
-Bazooka boys forming
-Catwoman Lisa
-Gary's poet within is zapped out right next to him
-With Lisa, Gary, and Wyatt in the background, Chett does the disco dance of innocence and his arm flies off
-Lisa blows magic kiss to Wyatt

Michael Manasseri clips
-Old West Wyatt gets pulled through the time warp
-(S6!) Falls down into an island lagoon
-Turns into nightmare id monster
-Head gets pulled off
-(S6!) In pajamas, with wet hair, gets zapped by Lisa into day clothes and dry hair

John Mallory Asher clips
-(S6!) Swings a frustrated fist in a black and white scene
-(S6!) About to bite an apple as it gets zapped into a remote control
-Lisa's finger touches his head, zapping him a super large brain
-Beams down inside Farber High with Tetrahydrozaline

Lee Tergeson clips
-Playing the piano on Groundhog Day
-Buccaneer hat placed on his head zaps him into the Pirate King
-Fighting Principal Scampi as the room flashes with yellow electricity
-(S6!) As suited Principal, gets face slapped
-Jumps down from ceiling as secret agent wearing black outfit

Vanessa Angel clips
-(S6!) Wearing a Scooby Doo T-shirt on a tropical island, zaps up a compass in her hand
-Carefully enters a dark cave, carrying a 'light saber' glowing stick
-Tiger on grave morphs into Lisa wearing a tiger-print dress
-Wearing glasses and suit disguised as a school teacher
-Large grinning close-up

- Gary and Wyatt in tuxedoes rocket up wearing jetpacks - Lisa, Gary, Wyatt, and Chett are all wearing earphones, singing around a microphone - (S6!) Lisa with her arms around Gary and Wyatt, zaps them and all 3 disappear - Black & white Dr. Frankenstein "She's alive! Alive!"


Fades into a clearing on the island. Lisa and Wyatt are staring at Gary in disbelief.


Written by:
Meesum Abidi (J.L.)

Lisa: Gary?

Wyatt: What are you doing here?

Gary: That's what I'd like to know! (Hysterical) One minute I'm checking out the dessert menu with Tetra, and the next minute I'm zapped over here…(takes out 'Richest Man' checks) with these stupid checks in my pockets! (Calms down, looks at Lisa) Would a certain genie care to explain?

Lisa: (Looking a little confused) We… needed to get away, so we came here on an old suggested wish.

Wyatt: Yeah, I was supposed to be the world's richest man on an island paradise.

Gary: So how did I wind up here?!

Lisa: Well, come to think of it, the original wish was suggested to the both of you, Wyatt and Gary! (Looks at Gary) But it shouldn't have worked on you; my magic wasn't supposed to reach all the way to Nevarus-4.

Gary: It was Nevarus 3!

Wyatt looks smugly at Lisa, with an 'I was right' expression on his face.

Lisa: My magic reached there? (With a learned expression) I guess the '3' does make a difference!

Gary looks upset.

Lisa: Ha, (laughs carefree) who would have figured?

Gary: (Sarcastically) I'm glad you find my marriage so amusing, while it's falling apart as soon as it's begun!

Lisa: Don't be a weenie-husband! I'm sure Tetrahydrozaline's a reasonable woman who will understand.

Wyatt: (Looks at Gary with concern) Isn't she, Gary?

Gary: I don't know. I was hoping to get to know her a little better, like…(yells) right now!

Wyatt: Don't worry Gary, I'm sure Lisa can zap you back to your blushing new bride, right Lis?

Lisa: (Facing away, pouting) I don't know. Gary snapped at me.

Gary: Oh, come on, please?

Lisa faces the boys, still looking hurt. Gary takes out a pen and scribbles on something.

Gary: I'll give you a pre-signed blank check?

Lisa: Deal! (Grabs the check with a smile on her face) Okay, (raises her zap hand) gotta make this count.

Wyatt: (Sincere) You know, Gar…it was really nice seeing you again.

Gary: (Smiles) Right back at-you, Wy. (Moves closer to Wyatt for a hugging moment)

Lisa: Oh please! You'll be seeing each other in a week or two!

Wyatt: (Takes a step back) Yeah, yeah.

Lisa: (Enthusiastic) Okay, Gary. Ready to go back to your wife to be the perfect honeymooners?

Gary: (Excited) Yes! (Relieved) Thanks, Lisa.

Lisa zaps Gary and he disappears. Then she picks up her fruit drink from a table, and takes a sip.

Lisa: Now, how about that pizza, Wyatt? (Shows off her blank, signed 'Richest Man' check) My treat!

Wyatt: Now that's an offer I can't refuse. I hope Gary reached back safely.

Lisa: Well now that we know my magic can reach him, let's find out. (Zaps a television set onto the table)

Wyatt: (Grabs the remote and finds a button marked 'Gary') Cool! (Hits button)

Gary shows up on the screen, on a black and white show, wearing a loose vest and a flat hat.

Lisa: Uh oh…

Gary: (Angry on TV) One o' these days, Lisa, one o' these days, (swings a fist) Pow! Right in the wisher!!

Lisa and Wyatt look at each other worried.

The screen fades out for the episode's first break.



The screen fades in where it left off, with Lisa and Wyatt on the island, staring at Gary in the television, on a black and white show.

Wyatt: Gary looks peeved. What happened, this time? And try to remember your exact words.

Lisa: I made the wish for Gary to return to Tetrahydrozaline as the perfect honeymooners.

Wyatt: Honeymooners? As in the old black and white show?!

Lisa: Yes. (Displeased) They must have copyrighted the name! Those greedy producers!

Wyatt: And there you have it!

Lisa: What's more is that the wish was for both Gary and Tetra. She must be in the show, too; and Gary probably doesn't know it. (Looks at the tv) We're going to have to inform him.

Wyatt: What, us? (Motions to tv) In there?!

Lisa nods 'yes'.

Wyatt: (Sarcastically) You know, this is turning out to be a REAL convenient vacation.

Lisa: (Concerned) Gary looks mad. We'd better take a peace offering.

Cut to one of the island Pizza Huts where Lisa and Wyatt are at the front of the line.

Cashier: One large pizza to go.

The cashier hands Lisa the pizza box and Lisa hands her the check. When the cashier turns away from them, Lisa zaps herself and Wyatt, who disappear in a blue genie-power bolt.

Cut to Farber high. Chett is sitting alone at his desk. Suddenly, Guardian Scampi enters the office, passing right through the wall.

Scampi: I've circled the grounds, Chester, and…(stops and looks back at the wall he just walked through) I love doing that! (Smiles, then turns to Chett with his usual demeanor) Anyway, there are no clues to Wyatt or Miss Lisa's whereabouts.

Chett: (Grinning with confidence) No problem, Pops. I've got a plan!(Reaches behind and brings forth a scribbled banner on a poster board) I just made it!

Scampi: (Reading the poster) 'Pretty Girls come join the Genie Club'? (Sees a picture of Lisa underneath it.)

Chett: Read on, there's more!

Scampi: (Reluctantly reads below the picture) 'Bodacious Babes…need only Apply'. (Looks at Chett with concern)

Chett: It's to draw out Lisa; you know how big her ego is? When she finds out she's got a group of fans called a genie club, she'll hurry back here to bask in her glory!

Scampi: (With a growing look of worry) And she'll bring your brother?

Chett: Yeah, yeah, Pit-lick too. And if it doesn't work, we'll at least have a club filled with enough babe-age to keep a principal smiling all year round, heh-heh!

Scampi: (Almost laughing) Chester, this plan is the biggest …(looks at Chett, then recomposes himself) Well, far-be-it for me to tell you how to do your new job. (With an air of civility) If this is your, ahem, plan, you can…count on me, son.

Chett: I knew you'd love it! (Gets up and grabs the poster and some tape) Let's set the Big Wheels in motion!

Scampi walks toward the wall, followed by Chett. Scampi passes through but Chett bangs his face with a loud THUD sound.

Chett: (In pain) Ooooohhh…(raises his hand to his face)

Scampi: (Sticks his head back through the wall) Oops! You'd better use the door.

Chett: (Agrees) Uh huh. Ooww…

Cut to a black and white scene of Gary sitting at a table, in a small apartment setting. Lisa and Wyatt zap in, also in black and white.

Gary: Well, well, well…

Lisa makes a 'sorry' smile.

Gary: Back for part 2 of ruining my life?

Lisa and Wyatt are still standing silent.

Gary: Well what do you have to say for yourself?!

Lisa: (Desperately) Pizza?

Gary: (Grabs the box) You bet; I'm starving!

Unknown Voices: Hah- hah- hah- hah- hah- hah- hah!

Lisa and Wyatt nervously look around, while Gary stays calm.

Wyatt: What the heck was that?

Gary: (Puts box on the table) Cheap laugh-track. You get used to it.

All 3 sit down at the table as the laugh-track activates.

Laugh Track: Hah- hah- hah- hah- hah- hah- hah!

The screen fades out for the episode's second break.



The screen fades into a black and white scene as Lisa, Gary, and Wyatt are finishing off the pizza.

Gary: So you're telling me Tetra's in this loony-land as well?

Lisa: She must be. We'll just wait for her here, then I'll zap you both back.

Wyatt: (Looks around) Don't you find this black and white surrounding a little, creepy?

Lisa spots something on the wall, gets up, and approaches what seems to be a wall switch positioned on 'B&W'. She switches it to 'Colour' and the whole show instantly gets colored.

Wyatt: A colour switch? Nice touch, Lis!

Lisa: Don't thank me, I just turned it on. The switch was always there.

Wyatt: I don't believe it! All this time the producers were just too cheap to pay for a colour bill!

Laugh Track: Hah- hah- hah- hah- hah- hah- hah!

Lisa: (Annoyed) That does it! (Zaps another switch on the wall, and repositions it from 'Laugh' to 'Off')

Laugh Track: Uuhhh….

Lisa: There. Now you can thank me.

Gary: So Lisa, what are you gonna do about the media homing in on your secret?

Lisa: I don't know. Chett's not a problem, he'll try to hog the spotlight himself. But when those reporters start interviewing the students…

Wyatt: (Decisively) I say you wipe their memories. It's our only chance.

Lisa: Okay, but I'll test it on one kid first.

Wyatt: Agreed, but it'll have to be someone that won't be missed. Someone who's totally ignored. Someone so dumb, that if you zap him away from writing a test, it won't make a difference to his grade.

Gary: Or you could get Ted.

Lisa: Ted? The jock who's bullied you guys through high school?

Wyatt: (Smile at Gary then looks at Lisa) Ted!

Cut to Farber High. Chett's in his office sitting at his desk, across from Ted.

Chett: (Looks serious) Ted. I hear you wedgie-tossed another kid onto the cafeteria special.

Ted: (Nervous) You…you see it was lunchtime, and…Shawn Meltzer was sitting at our table, and…

Chett: Shawn Meltzer? That Geek-Wad! Hahahah, you should've given him a double, right in the pocket protector! Hahahah!

Scampi, in the corner, looks at Chett and Ted laughing it up, and shakes his head to himself in disapproval. Just then, Ted disappears in a blue-bolt zap.

Chett: (Delayed shock) Heh-heh…Holy Monkeys!!

Scampi: Great ghost of Farber!

Chett: (Snaps out of shock then looks at Scampi) Isn't that you, now?

Scampi: Nevermind that, Ted just vanished! It's another alien abduction!

Chett: (Calm) No, it was (smiles) magic. (Looks up at Scampi) Genie Magic! I knew it! Little miss girly-wishes is coming back!

Scampi: (Stunned) I…I don't believe it. Your genie club plan is actually working?

Chett has a huge grin on his face, and is nodding his head in satisfaction; too happy to notice anything else. Scampi gets a look of defeat.

Scampi: (To himself) Well, I guess the aliens can come back and kill us now. Since the world is obviously coming to an end.

Chett is laughing in elation as the screen fades out for the episode's third break.



The screen fades in to Lisa, Gary, and Wyatt sitting at the table in the tv apartment setting. Ted appears with a zap, tied up in a chair.

Gary: Hiya, Ted. Steal anyone's homework, lately?

Ted looks around, worried and confused.

Wyatt: (With a mocking smile) Cause you won't get a chance for the rest of the day. You see, we're gonna run a mind wipe test on you.

Gary: And enjoy doing so. Ready Lisa?

Lisa: (raises a buzzing-blue hand) One Level-1 brain wipe, coming up!

Lisa zaps Ted's head and his brain is shown through his skull, glowing blue. Ted yells slightly, but it's over quickly. Ted recovers his wits, as Wyatt moves his chair closer to him.

Wyatt: Now Ted, tell us what you can remember about Groundhog Day.

Ted: (Slowly) It was…yesterday. I remember fighting with…

Lisa gets worried and looks at the boys.

Ted: (Continues) …Farber Phil.

Everyone looks relieved.

Ted: (Thinks some more) Then the aliens attacked.

Gary gulps in worry. Wyatt turns to Lisa, who also looks concerned

Ted: (Looks at Wyatt) Then Donnelly here told us (turns his head to Lisa) that you were a magic genie.

Lisa, Gary, and Wyatt get nervous and look at each other, unable to hide their panic.

to be continued...


Cut to closing credits. Weird Science music starts as a familiar scene is shown.

Scampi: (Stunned) I…I don't believe it. Your genie club plan is actually working?

Chett has a huge grin on his face, and is nodding his head in satisfaction; too happy to notice anything else. Scampi gets a look of defeat.

Scampi: (To himself) Well, I guess the aliens can come back and kill us now. Since the world is obviously coming to an end.

Chett is laughing in elation and his head is bobbing up and down. Scampi sees him and gets a scared look on his face.

Scampi: I guess the aliens abducted something after all. Your mind.

Chett: (Staring into nowhere, his head is still bobbing up and down) Heh-heh-heh-heh…

Scampi: Times like this make me glad you decided not to carry on the Scampi name.

Chett: (No change) Heh-heh-heh-heh…

Scampi: Maybe you should wear another kind of jacket, one with longer sleeves. (Shakes his head in disappointment) Much longer…


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